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Moving can't be more easy!


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Cheap Movers

Reassembly service!

"Professional workers will cover it"

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cheap melbourne movers

Best moving services

"The art of moving since 1998"

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cheap melbourne movers

Long and shor term storage!


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Cheap Movers Melbourne From 50$

Our affordable removalist solution can compete and beat any quote by 5%.

Cheap Movers Melbourne

Cheap Movers Melbourne helps in moving furniture, household appliances/items, goods. We offer complete services for relocation, removals, assembly, and disassembly of furniture or racks.

Furniture assembly & packing

We have professionals that are equipped with expertise, experience and tools to handle modern day items that can install and uninstall goods as well as disassemble and assemble furniture with no extra costs.

The Elite fleet

You don’t have to worry about moving challenges; we are more than equipped with our best modern fleet of long and roomy trucks and high roof, they will take good care of any form of challenges.

Call or Text for a Quick Quote 0433 911 331

We can beat any quote by 5%

Cheapest Moving charges

Mover /Hr 1 Man 2 Men 3 Men
Large Van (High roof) $50 /hr $70 /hr $100 /hr
4.5 Ton Truck $70 /hr $90 /hr $115 /hr
6.5 Ton Truck $80 /hr $99 /hr $125 /hr
10 Ton Truck $130 /hr $160 /hr $190 /hr

1. Preparing

With fast and utmost dedication, our professional team swiftly classifies the items and place them in order to get them ready for moving. We arrange our items painstakingly to ease the whole process.

2. Collecting

Your items are picked up after proper packing process by our experts who have had years of experience. They will sort the items quickly and get them ready for loading with the use of ropes and blankets.

3. Moving

The smallest of your items are very secure on transit as they will be properly secured with the use of cushions, ropes and blankets.

Moving never can't be more easy!

Premium moving service

Cheap Movers Melbourne solution includes efficient and fast service.

Moving checklist

We pay attention to every details. Our secure checklist will ensure the perfect move.

Pack and un-Pack service

We understand the principle of individual differences, we know your requirements.

Fragile Packing

We understand the risk, your items are safe. Protective moving Blankets, Shock resistant bubble wrapping, Custom wrapping for high valued items.

Heavyweight furniture

We have spacious vehicles to cater for heavy and large furniture. Range of vehicles allow us to accommodate all your moving requirements.

Business Logistics

We have customized plans for small and medium businesses deliveries. Talk to us today and we can be your logistics business partner.

Interstate Delivery

You are moving around Australia, we are here to provide custom moving solutions as per your needs.

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